RP3 23rv bis


dons one spangled with golden stars; meanwhile, the voice of OUR LORD can be heard. — To the tune of Mignon: "Votre Ciel est d'azur… ["Your Heaven is Blue, Your Earth is Flowered. And You Contemplate Them with a Loving Look "].

O my Well-Beloved Sister, your sweet voice calls me
And I break the bond that chains you here.
Oh! fly unto Me, my beautiful dove.
Come, the winter is past... Come reign in Heaven.
Joan, your angel claims you
And I, your soul's judge, no]
Proclaim that in you always
I saw burning the flame of love.
Oh! come, you will be crowned.
I want to dry your tears.
Come, my well-loved spouse,
I want to give you my kiss.
They again sing the preceding verses, beginning with: Joan, your angel, etc.


With your companions
Come onto the mountains,
 And through the countryside
You will follow the lamb.
O my dear love,
Sing in the valley
The new refrain
Of the sacred hymn.
The white legions
Of all the Holy Angels
Sing your praises
Before the Eternal. (2x)
Timid shepherdess,
Valiant soldier,
On earth your name
Will be immortal.
Timid shepherdess,
Valiant soldier,
I give you Heaven!.... (2x)

Third Part


[Scene 1]



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