RP3 23v



Take your flight, (2x)
Spread your white wings. (2x)
And you can fly to each golden star...
You can visit the eternal arches of heaven
Take your flight, ( 2x)
Joan, no more enemies, no more dark prison,
The shining Seraphim will call you sister,
 Spouse of Jesus, your Well-Beloved
Assures you of eternal rest upon His Heart!...
JOAN sings this refrain with THE SAINTS
It is mine
(THE SAINTS) .... yours (2x)

O! what great happiness ( 2x)

All heaven is mine
THE SAINTS....yours (2x)
The angels and Saints!... Mary!... My God Himself
(THE SAINTS)....Your....
They are mine "
 (THE SAINTS) .......yours (2x)

THE SAINTS by themselves.

Centuries have passed on the distant earth
Since the happy moment you flew up to Heaven.
A thousand years are but a day on the Celestial Plain,
But this day must last forever.


Eternal day! (2x) without a shadow or a cloud.
Nobody will deprive me of your immortal splendor
(THE SAINTS)    you... His...
The fleeting image is gone from the earth
Heaven is mine
(THE SAINTS)   yours...(2x)   
In the distance, we hear the voice of FRANCE singing.
Joan, remember your Fatherland!...
Remember your flowered valleys!...
Remember the laughing prairie
You left, to wipe away my tears!!!...

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc




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