RP3 24r

O Joan! recall that you saved France
Like an angel from Heaven, you healed my pain.
Hear in the night
France moaning.
Remember!... (2x)
Remember, Joan, your victories.
Remember Reims and Orléans.
Remember that you covered with glory,
In God's Name, the kingdom of the French!
Now, far from you, I sigh and suffer.
Deign to save me once again!... Joan, sweet Martyr!..
Oh! come break my chains!...
The evils I have suffered,
Remember!... (2x)          


sings to the tune of "C'était dans un bois solitaire" ["It Was in a Solitary Wood"].
O France!... O my beautiful country!...
You must be raised to the Heavens
If you want to rediscover your life
And make your name glorious.
The God of the French in His clemency
Is resolved to save you.
But it is by me, Joan of France,
He wants once more to redeem you.
Come to me (2x)
Country so lovely.
I pray for you.
My voice is calling you "
Come back to me. 

[Scene 2]  

 FRANCE enters slowly; she is draped in chains and carries her crown in her hands.

I come to you, all loaded down with chains,
With face veiled and with eyes bathed in tears.



© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc




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