RP3 24v

I am no longer counted among the queens
And my children swamp me in sorrows.
They have forgotten God!... They've left their mother!...
O Joan! take pity on my bitter sadness
Come, comfort my heart,
Liberating angel.
I hope in you!... (2x)
See in my hands my queenly crown.
It is on your forehead that I want to place it.
Joan, it's you, my sweet Sovereign
Daughter of God, who has come to rule the French!
Oh! come and break the irons of France enchained
That she may again be the Church's oldest daughter!...
Joan, hear my voice.
A second time
Come down to me! (2x)
 sing to the tune of "Volez au Martyre" ["Fly to Martyrdom"].
Daughter of God, greathearted Daughter,
Fly to the help of France.
In you alone is our hope.
Fly, liberating angel,
Daughter of God, greathearted daughter,
Fly in the name of the Conquering God.
Joan comes down from her throne, advances towards France, breaks her chains, places the royal crown on her head and holds her to her heart.

Oh! my dear France! I happily obey my voices, which ask me to fly again to your rescue!... From now on, you won't be weighed down with chains, since your heart has turned towards Heaven... If you had called on me sooner, I would already have come to you.

 © Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc




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