RP3 25r

France, her hands unchained, wants to place her diadem on Joan's forehead, but Joan takes the crown and says to her:
No, I don't want to circle my brow with the diadem of France... let me place it on yours, since from now on you will be worthy of wearing it!....
The virgins' crown is enough for me and I want no scepter other than my palm, for if I am honored in Heaven, it's not for having been a famous warrior, but because I have united vir­ginity and artyrdom !...
Now I want my standard to be yours. ( Saint Michael hands it to Joan, who hands it to France.)
Isn't it Jesus and Mary who have saved you?... Has not the august Queen of Heaven thrice descended from her throne to call you to penitence, and is it not the splendid monument which was raised over one of your hills to the glory of the Sacred Heart that has earned you the grace you have received today?...
FRANCE rises and sings to the tune of "Rameaux" ["The Palms"]
Yes, to please you, liberating Angel,
I'll keep the sweet name of Mary
United always with that of the Savior
For it is they who give me life.
JOAN and THE SAINTS sing the refrain.
The days of tears are all gone by,
O France! forever dear to the Holy Church ...

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc




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