RP3 09r

 skilled in his craft, and the will of the King of Heaven will be done, in spite of the jealousy of men... Everyone will be forced to see that victory belongs only to the God of armies.


Noble Knight, won't you rest tonight, since the attack must not begin until tomorrow?...


Yes, but we must take our rest in armor, since I fear the enemy may surprise us. Above all, don't fail to warn me at the first sign of an alarm.


You can count on me, but I'm convinced that nothing will trouble our sleep.

He exits. JOAN kneels and offers this prayer:

Lord, God of armies, deign to bless the repose of your ser­vant. Don't allow the English to come surprise city of Orléans while I sleep. Continue, Lord, the marvels You have begun to work for your people and, as in other times You destroyed the Philistines by your servant, the little shepherd David, who slew the giant Goliath, so today make known your power in the person of your servant Joan, the timid  



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RP3 09v


shepherdess who, in Your Name, will chase the English out of France and destroy the power of Satan, that other Goliath who would like to wipe out the faith of the oldest daughter of the Church.

Joan lays down her sword and sits on the floor without removing her ar­mor. She takes her rest with an arm and her head simply leaning on a chair. — After a few moments of silence, she hears her voices and gets up again.


(Melody: "Viens avec moi pour aimer le printemps. " ["Come with Me to Admire the Spring"])

Awaken, Joan, daughter of God.
Take up your sword, your banner and lance.
Down there the blood of France is flowing,
The English are already setting fires!...

JOAN, forcefully.

Jean d'Aulon! Jean d'Aulon!...

THE SQUIRE rushes in, rubbing his eyes.

What's happening?... What do you want?...

JOAN, sharply.

Ah ! my voices warn me that French blood is flowing and you haven't told me!... Quick, my weapons, my horse!... (She picks up her sword.)


I'm going for your horse. (Sound of a horse galloping.)


No, it's useless; it will take too long... I hear the sound



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RP3 10r

 of a horseman. I'll make him dismount and take his place.

She exits. JEAN D'AULON tries to stop her, saying:

Joan, you've forgotten your banner!...

JOAN, already gone, calls to him:

Pass it out through the window!

Jean d 'Aulon exits.

Scene 3 is offstage.

After a few moments, we hear the clash of arms, explosions, and JOAN's voice crying:

Duke of Alençon, tell me when the tail of my banner touches the rampart!... Charge!... My friends, my friends, Our Lord has condemned the English; this moment, they are ours!...


Joan, it is touching!...


Jesus, Mary! Forward, all is Yours!... Go through there. (We hear the cries of the English and, over them, JOAN shouting:)

Victory! Victory! ( The French take up the shout:) Victory! Victory!... Long live Joan of Arc!... Long live the liberator of Orléans!... — (JOAN responds:) Long live Christ! Long live Charles VII! (All the French cry out together:) Long live Christ! Long live Joan the Maid! Long live the King and the Kingdom of the French! 



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RP3 10v

   Scene 4

THE KING, at Reims, after his coronation.

The King enters, magnificently dressed, with the royal crown on his head. Joan is on his right, carrying her standard unfurled, and dressed in full armor. The Lords of the court follow. The King ascends his throne. Joan takes her place beside him.


Joan, you have been the worthy instrument by which it has pleased God to save the kingdom of France. I wish to recog­nize your services.... Tell me, what do you desire? I am prepared to fulfill your every wish..

JOAN, falling at the King's feet.

Gentle King, now God's good pleasure has been served, that let me lift the siege of Orléans and bring you to this city of Reims to be anointed and crowned, to show that you are the true king, the one to whom the kingdom belongs. Now that my mission is accomplished, I beg that you let me go back immedi­ately to my parents at Domremy.

THE KING, very moved

Never will I consent to see you removed from my pres­ence. From now on, the kingdom will not know how to go on without   



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RP3 11r

its liberator. The English must still be expelled, and you alone are capable of intimidating them.


Yes, Joan, now we can truly rephrase for you the words once spoken to Judith: 'You are the glory of Orléans, the joy of the French, the honor of your people. You have acted with manly courage and your heart is firm. Because you have loved chastity, the hand of the Lord has strengthened you and you will be blessed forever!..."

LA TRÉMOUILLE, wishing to change the subject.

Joan, who was that old man, dressed like a simple peasant, who forced us, all the lords of the court, to let him through to get close to you in the Reims cathedral this morning? It seems to me I saw him press you to his heart.

JOAN, in an emotional voice.

Oh! that old man was my Father!... my Father who never hesitated, despite his age, to come see his daughter's tri­umph.... He could not speak to me.... but he blessed me and I could read in his face that he'd come to ask me to go back with him to the peaceful hamlet that saw my birth. I saw that my mis­sion was finished, that now I must be content to pray for my king as I guard my sheep, after having fought for him


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