Pious Recreation n° 4 , 01r


Jesus at Bethany

St. Mary Magdalene is seated at the feet of Our Lord, looking up at Him with love. In the back of the room, we can see St. Martha busy setting the table for the Divine Master's meal.
 Our Lord and St. Mary Magdalene sing to the tune of "l'Ange et l'aveugle" ["The Angel and the Blind Man"] 
My God, my divine Master,
Jesus, my only love,
I want to be at Your feet
And there I will stay.
In vain through this earth
I have sought happiness.
Only a bitter sadness
Has filled my heart.
At my feet, Magdalene,
You will always find
A sweet look of love
To comfort your pain.
From now on, O Mary,
You'll want to live for
Me And all My life
I will suffer for you.
This is too much, my good Master.
I feel like I am giving way,
Would that I could be reborn
this day, or die!....
Understand my fretting...
Jesus.... Oh my Savior!...
I have made Your tears flow
What immense sorrow! 
It is true, on your soul
I have spilled tears.
But with a single stroke of flame
I can change hearts.
Your soul, made young again
By my divine look,
Will bless me without end
In eternal life.

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc





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RP4 01v


Jesus, Your very love
Makes my heart tremble.
Your supreme goodness
Increases my pain.
I have overlooked Your charms
And in my repentance
I only have tears,
Lord, to offer You.
These precious tears
Shine more to My eyes
Than the luminous trails
That streak through the heavens.
To the brilliant star,
Sparkling in the azure,
I prefer the lover
With the heart become pure.
What an astonishing mystery,
Oh my divine Savior!
 Is there nothing on earth
That charms Your heart?
The distant mountains
The white and soft lamb
The flowers of our countryside
Is there anything more beautiful?
You see the flower in bloom
At the breath of springtime
And I see the rose
Of your ardent love.
This crimson rose
Knew how to delight My heart
She is loved by Me
More than any other flower.
The bird with its pure voice
Sings of Your greatness,
The whispering stream
Gives You its freshness.
The lily of the valley
Offers You with happiness
Its sweet-smelling corolla,
Its perfume, its whiteness.

 10  JESUS


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Carmelite Friars, Inc




RP4 02r

Solomon in all his glory
Was not as well-adorned
On his throne of ivory
As the sweet-smelling lily.
The simple daisies
Surpass the great king
And all these little flowers
Shine only for You.
From the virginal procession
Offering You its love,
The snow-white mantle
Will shine forever.
As for me, from a sad life,
I offer You the end
Alas! I have stained it
While still at its dawn!....
If I love the pure
And brilliant fires of dawn
Oh Mary! I also love
A beautiful radiant evening.
My goodness without equal
Would like that the sinner
 And the virginal soul
Rest on My heart.
Don't You have Your angels
With their sublime ardor?...
On their white hosts
Pour out Your favors....
As for me, a poor sinner,
I have not deserved
The ineffable tenderness
Of Your intimacy.
Much higher than the angels
You will rise one day
They will speak your praises
Envying your love....
But on earth,
To draw hearts to Me,
You must live alone
And pray for sinners!...
Oh! I feel my heart burning
With an extreme love!
© Washington Province of
Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc

RP4 02v

And Your voice which I love
Redoubles the ardor of it.
But my heart is too weak
To be an apostle.
Oh! lend me Yours
Jesus, my sweet Savior!...
Then, Saint Martha advances earnestly. She looks at her sister with astonishment and sings the following, to the tune of "Moine et Bandit" ["Monk and Bandit"]
Look at my sister, good Master, she is neglecting her duty,
See, all my work does not bother her.
Tell her, then, Lord, oh! I beg You
Tell her to help me serve the meal. 
Martha, my charitable hostess,
You appear to forget
That your sister always hastens
Toward the One who knows how to charm her.
But, oh divine Savior, that is what astonishes me.
Shouldn't she divert her attention, for one moment,
From the One who gives to her each day
And think about also giving some gift?
I must tell you frankly,
If your love is generous
I confess that Mary's love
 © Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc

RP4 03r

love Is equally precious to Me.
Your words, Lord, are a mystery to me
And I still cannot keep from thinking
That it is better to work than to pray
Because I feel my love that wants to spend itself.


Work is necessary indeed
And I have come to sanctify it
But one must always accompany it
With fervent prayer.


I know well, Lord, that remaining inactive
I could not have any beauty in Your eyes
And in order to serve You, I am always active;
 I would like to offer You delicious meals.

23 JESUS, looking at Saint Martha with tenderness.

Oh Martha! your soul is very pure
And your heart loves to give.
But do you know the food
That My love would like to find?....

24 SAINT MARTHA, lowering herself to her knees.

I finally understand it, Jesus, supreme beauty


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc


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