RP5 01v

The following verses are sung to the Christmas tune by Holmès: ''Trois anges sont venus ce soir," etc. ["Three Angels Have Come This night
[1]   A Golden Throne
Listen to the loving desire
Of Jesus, your only Treasure.
He is asking for a throne of gold from you
While finding none in the stable. 
The stable is like the sinner
Where Jesus doesn't see anything
That can rejoice His heart,
Where He can never rest.
Save, my sister,
The sinner's soul.
Jesus sighs for this Throne
But even more,
It is your pure heart that He desires
As His Throne of gold. 
[2]   Milk
He who nourishes the elect
With His Holy and Divine Essence
And made Himself the Infant Jesus for you
Begs for your help.
In Heaven, His happiness is perfect
But on earth. He is poor.
Give, mv sister, a little Milk,
To Jesus, your little Brother.
He is smiling at you 
In a soft voice He is telling you:
 "It is simplicity that I love
Christmas, Christmas,
I come down from Heaven
Because mv Milk of love is you." 
[3]      Little Birds 
My sister, you want to know
What the Infant Jesus desires.
Ah well! I will tell you tonight
How you will make Him smile.
Catch some charming birds
Let them fly around in the stable.
They are the image of children
Who cherish the Adorable Word.
To their sweet songs,
Their chirping,
His childish Face radiates.
Pray for them,
For one day in Heaven
They will form your crown.
[4]     A Star

 Sometimes, when Heaven is black
And covered with dark clouds
Jesus is very sad in the evening
Being without light in the darkness.
To rejoice the Infant Jesus
Like a twinkling Star
Shine with all virtues
Be an ardent light.
Ah! May your fires
Tear away the veil of sinners
Guiding them to Heaven!...
 The Divine Child
The morning Star
Chooses you for his gentle Star.
[5]     A Lyre

Listen, listen, mv sister
To what the Infant Jesus desires.
He is asking you for Your heart
As His melodious Lyre.
In His beautiful Heaven
He enjoyed the harmony of all the holy angels,
But He wants you at Carmel
Like them to sing His praises.
My sister, sister,
From your heart.
Jesus wants the melody
Night and day,
In songs of love
Your life will be consumed....
[6]    Roses.
Your soul is a sweet-smelling lily
Which charms Jesus and His Mother,
Listen to your Beloved
Who says very softly and mysteriously:
"Ah! if I cherish the whiteness

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