RP5 02r

Of lilies, symbol of innocence,
I also love the rich color
Of Roses of repentance.
When your tears 
Purify hearts
Great is the joy that you cause Me  
Because I will be able to
As much as I desire
To gather roses by the handfuls."
[7]    A Valley
As by the brilliance of the sun
All nature is embellished,
How it gilds with its rosy fire
The valley, deep and in bloom,
Thus Jesus, the Divine Sun,
Approaches nothing that He does not gild.
He is resplendent at its morning
Much more than a brilliant dawn.
At its wakening The Divine Sun
Lavishes your exiled soul
With His gifts,
His warmest rays of light.
Be His pleasant Valley.
[8]    Harvesters
Over there, under other horizons,
In spite of the frost and snow,
The crops are already turning a golden color
Which the Divine Child protects.
But alas! In order to gather them in
Souls on fire are needed
Harvesters willing to suffer,
Making light of sword and flames.
Christmas, Christmas,
I come to Carmel
Knowing that my wishes are yours.
For the gentle Savior
Give birth, my sister,
To numerous souls of apostles.
[9]    A Cluster of Grapes
I would like a tasty fruit,
A Cluster of grapes all golden
To refresh the King of Heaven,
The adored little mouth....
My sister, how sweet is your fate!
You are this chosen Grape.
Jesus will press you very strongly
In His little beloved hand.
The Gentle Darling
Is far too little
To eat the Grape itself
The juice sweetened
By Him made all golden
That simply is what He loves!
[10]     A Little Host
Jesus, the Beautiful Divine Child,
To communicate His life to you
Transforms Himself every morning
Into a little white host.
With much more love still
He wants to change you into Himself
Your heart is His dear treasure
His happiness and His supreme joy.
Christmas, Christmas,
I come down from Heaven
To say to your delighted soul:
The Gentle Lamb
Lowers Himself toward you
Be His white and pure Host.
The following verses are sung to the tune of: “Au Rossignol -  
Quand ta voix, céleste prélude», etc.
[11]    A Smile
The world does not recognize the charms
Of Jesus, your lovable Spouse,
And I see some small tears
Sparkle in His sweet eyes.
Comfort, oh my beloved sister,
This Child who holds out His arms to you,
To charm Him, I beg you,
Always smile here below.




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