RP5 02v

See, His glance seems to say:
"When you smile at your sisters,
O mv spouse, your Smile,
Is enough to wipe away my tears."
Your Smile (repeat) is enough to wipe away my tears!
[12]    A Toy 
Do you want to be the Toy
Of the Divine Child on earth?...
My sister, do you want to be pleasing to Him?
Remain in His little hand.
If the lovable Child caresses you
If He presses you to His Heart,
And if sometimes He leaves you,
Make all of this your happiness.
Always seek after His caprices .
And you will charm His Divine eyes.
Henceforth all your delights
Will be His childish desires...
Your delights (repeat) will be His childish desires.
[13]    A Pillow 
In the manger where Jesus rests
Often I see Him awaken.
Do you want to know the reason why?
He doesn't find any pillow there!....
I know your soul only aspires
To comfort Him night and day
Ah, well! The Pillow that He desires
Is your heart burning with love.
Ah! Be always humble and soft
 So that the Divine Treasure
Can say to you: "O my Spouse!
In you I gently fall asleep..."
My spouse (repeat) in you I gently fall asleep.
[14]    A Flower
The earth is covered with snow
The cold weather and frost are everywhere,
The winter and its sad attire
Have faded the flowers here below
But for you has bloomed
The charming Flower of the fields
Who comes from the Blessed Homeland
Where an eternal springtime reigns.
 My sister, hide yourselves in the grass
Close to the Rose of Christmas
And be also the Little Flowe
Of your Spouse, the King of Heaven
The Little Flower (repeat) of your Spouse, the King of Heaven.
[15]   Bread
Every day in your prayer
Speaking to the Author of all good
You repeat: "Our Father!
Give us our daily bread!"
This God Who has made Himself your Brother
Suffers hunger like you
Listen to His humble prayer
He is asking you for a little Bread.
O my Sister! be very sure of it,
Jesus wants only your love,
He is nourished by the pure soul.
That is His daily Bread.
The pure soul (repeat) is His daily Bread.
 [16]   A Mirror 
All children love it when someone places them
Before a faithful mirror
Then they smile gracefully
Because they think they see another child.
Ah! come into the poor stable
Your soul is a brilliant crystal.
Reflect the Adorable Word.
The charms of the God-made-Child.

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc