RP5 03r

Ah! be the living image
The pure Mirror of your Spouse.
The Divine brightness of His Face
He wants to contemplate in you!...
His Face (repeat) He wants to contemplate in you.
[17]   A Palace
The great and noble ones of the earth ,
All have sumptuous palaces.
Humble cottages are. on the contrary.
The abode of the poor.
So see in a stable
The Little Pauper of Christmas
He veils His ineffable glory
By leaving His Palace in Heaven! ...
Your heart loves poverty
In it, you find peace.
Also, beloved sister, it is you yourself
That Jesus wants for His Palace
I t is you yourself (repeat) that Jesus wants for His Palace.
[18]   A Crown of Lilies
Sinners crown the beloved head
Of Jesus with thorns...
Admire the Divine graces
That the earth no longer knows.
Oh! may your virginal soul
Make Him forget His pains
And for His royal Crown
Offer Him virgins, your sisters.
Ah! come very near to His throne
to charm His ravishing eves
Weave His Crown before Him.
Form it with beautiful brilliant Lilies
His Crown (repeat) form it with beautiful brilliant Lilies.
    The following verses are sung to the tune of: "Mignonne, voici l'Avril,"

[19]    Candy. 
My sister, little babies
Love Candy very much.
Therefore, fill quickly The good little hand
Of Jesus, the Divine Child
His look invites you to it.
The sweets of Carmel
Which charm the King of Heaven
Are all your sacrifices.
My sister, your austerity
And your great poverty
Are Jesus' delight.
  [20] A Caress
Little Jesus is asking
Nothing more of you
Than a very soft caress.
Give Him all your love
.And you will know in return
The Charity that hastens to you.
If one of your sisters
Comes to pour out tears to you,
Immediately and with tenderness
Beg the Divine Child
That with His little hand
He may gently caress her!...
 [21]   A Cradle
On earth there are few hearts
Who shun the favors
Of Jesus, the King of Glory,
But if He happens to fall asleep
They stop serving Him,
No longer wanting to believe in Him.

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc