RP5 03v

If you knew the pleasure
That the Infant has from sleeping
Without fearing that anyone awakes Him
You would serve as a Cradle
To Jesus, the Gentle Lamb,
Smiling as He sleeps.
   [22]   Swaddling Clothes
See how the Lovable Child
With His dear little finger
Shows you the dry straw
Ah! understand His love
And decorate the poor manger
With swaddling clothes this day.
Always pardoning your sisters
You will win favors
From Jesus, the King of angels.
It is ardent charity,
Kind simplicity
That He desires as His Swaddling Clothes.
[23]    Fire
My sister, Little Jesus,
The sweet Hearth of the elect,
Shivers from the cold in the stable
Yet, in the beautiful blue Heaven,
The angels, flames of fire,
Served the Adorable Word.
But on earth it is you
Who are your Spouse's hearth
He is asking you to be on fire. 
It is you, dear sister,
Who must warm the Savior
And set all souls on fire.
   [24]    A Cake
You know that all children
Prefer a splendid cake
To the glory of an empire
Offer, then, to the King of Heaven
a delicious cake
Arid you will see Him smile...
Do you know what is the King of Kings'
Favorite kind of cake?
It is reach" obedience....
You delight your Spouse
When you obey
As He did during His childhood.

   [25]   Honey
At the first morning light,
One sees the small bee
Forming her rich harvest,
Flying about from flower to flower,
Happily visiting
The corollas that she awakens.
So gather love
And come back even day
Close to the holy manger
To offer to the Divine Savior
The Honey of your fervor
Little golden bee!,..

 [26]   A Lamb
To charm the gentle Lamb
Tend the flock no more,
And leaving everything
Only think about delighting Him,
Always serving Him well
While He is resting.
O my sister, from today on,
Abandon yourself to Him
And you will sleep together.
Mary coming to the cradle
Will see close to her Lamb
A Lamb who resembles Him.

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc