RP5 04r

After all the nuns have returned to their places, the angel takes Little Jesus again in his arms and sings the two following verses to the tune of "Ainsi soit-il. — Chaque matin dans sa prière" ["So Be It. — Each Morning in Her Prayer"] etc.

The Divine Child thanks you
He is charmed by all your gifts
Also in His book of life
He writes them down with your names.
Jesus has found His delights
In this Carmel
But to reward your sacrifices
He has His beautiful Heaven!
If you are always faithful
In pleasing the Gentle Lamb
Love will give you wings
And you will be able to fly very high
One day in the Blessed Homeland
After earth's exile
You will see Jesus and Mary
So be it!....

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc




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