Pious Recreation n° 6 , 01r


21 January in the year of grace 1896

The Flight Into Egypt

[Act 1]
[Scene 1]
The setting is the little house in Nazareth, Mary is alone in Joseph's workshop, with the Child Jesus on her knees. By her side is a basket of linen, her wheel, and her spindle.
Divine Child! How sweet it is for me to rock You to sleep in this dear little house in Nazareth!... Here, as in Bethlehem, the poverty is very great, but this refuge is more worthy of You than that abandoned stable. (The Blessed Virgin looks around her ten­derly). O blessed abode! What ineffable memories you bring to mind! Here the angel of the Lord visited the littlest, the last of all His creatures and asked for the unique grace of being able to serve the happy Mother of God. Here the Divine Word, the sec­ond Person of the Adorable Trinity, was made flesh by the workings of the Holy Spirit, and remained for nine months hid­den from mortal eves. (Looking at the baby Jesus). Then the world was unaware of Your Presence, O Divine Savior! Now I carry You in my arms, like a light burden, and Your creatures still do not recognize You... Since the shepherds and the Magi went away, no one thinks to come and adore You. Soon the springtime will be adorned with a thousand flowers, but none of them will equal the beauty of the Flower that blooms in Nazareth, far from hu­man sight. O divinely fragrant Flower! How does Your sweet perfume not. reveal Your Presence?...
[Scene 2]
  Saint Joseph enters, carrying his tools.
THE BLESSED VIRGIN, with a tone of gentle reproach.

Joseph, you've been away a long time, why do you work such long days?

O Mary! Let me spend my energy in die service of Jesus. It is for Him and for you that I work; this thought gives me cour­age and helps me to bear fatigue. And then, when I return

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