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Joseph, may God bless your sleep, rest in peace beneath the gaze of Him whose heart is always watching.

 [Scene 3]

When Mary exits, Joseph goes to sleep; after a few moments of si­lence, the angel of the Lord appears to him in a dream; he sings to the tune of "La folle de la plage. — Flots bleus, vagues plaintives. " etc.


To the land of Egypt
You must quickly go.
Joseph, this very night,
Depart in silence.
Herod, in his rage,
wants to take away your Treasure.
From the Conqueror of death,
He wants to take away life.
Take the Mother and the Child,
Flee far from the tyrant. 

[Scene 4]

Saint Joseph gets up at once and taps lightly at the door of the little room where Mary is at rest.


Mary, wake up. for the life of Jesus is in danger.

THE BLESSED VIRGIN, entering with little Jesus.

Joseph, sleep in peace, no danger threatens the Divine Child. See how He is resting peacefully in my arms.


Yes, in His sweet sleep, the King of the Heavens seems to be unaware of the message of one of His angels.... Still, He knows everything... O Man ! Why doesn't Jesus speak to you Himself? Why am I charged with delivering Heaven's orders to the '"Mother of my God?...


Don't be afraid. Speak. You are God's representative, the head of the family; tell me what the angel ordered you on be­half of the Lord. I am entirely ready to obey.


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