RP6 02v


He is ordering us to flee into Egypt, because Herod is de­termined to put the Child to death. We must leave within the hour; tomorrow may be too late.... (He looks at Mary with a sad expression.)


Don't be troubled, Joseph. Since the day of the presentation of Jesus in the temple. I've been continually prepared to .r to the test, for the words of the holy elder Simeon I t 1 my soul with a- sword of sorrow. Already his prophecy is coming true; Jesus is suffering persecution before He is not old enough to defend Himself. I know that if He willed it, a word from His infant lips would suffice to wipe out all enemies; however, He chooses to flee from a weak mortal, He is the Prince of peace.... The Word made Child will not crush the half-broken reed, He will not extinguish a wick that is still burning. If He is rejected by those of His own heritage, that will not stop Him from giving His life for poor sinners who fail to recognize the time of His visit. Let us leave without fear, let us go sanctify an infidel shore with the presence of the Savior.


Alas, how it costs me to expose you to the weariness and danger of so long and difficult a journey. How happy I'd be if I were permitted to take all the pain on myself... But I must resign myself to seeing you soon deprived of everything. Here we have the necessities; in Egypt, we will be reduced to the most extreme poverty.


The poverty we'll find in exile doesn't frighten me, since we will always have the Treasure that makes up the wealth of Heaven. His Divine Providence, which feeds the little birds -without forgetting a single one, will give us our daily bread.

[Scene 5]

After puking up Jus toots, Joseph exits with ''Jesus and Man: then the ANGELS sing to the tune of "Gondolières Vénitiennes'':
Ineffable mystery, 
Jesus, the King of Heaven, 
In exile on earth, 
Flees from a mortal!
To this God in swaddling clothes, 
Let us offer all our love,
May our white hosts
Come to form His court.


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