RP6 03r

Let us cover Him with our wings
And with the loveliest flowers.
With our joyful singing,
Let us serenade the King of Heaven.
To comfort His Mother.
Mysteriously let us sing
Of the Savior's charms,
His grace and His sweetness.
Let us leave this shore.
Tonight let us flee,
very far from the storm,
Far from all noise.
Our shining Star,
Hidden beneath a veil,
Is the joy of the elect,
The Child Jesus.
The King of Heaven
Flees from a mortal.


[Act II]


[Scene 1] 

On the walls of the cavern hang weapons and the skins of wild beasts. On the floor are spread out a strange mix of jewels and rich candelabra, along with other objects of no value. A young woman, SUSANNA, rocks her son Dismas while singing to the tune of "Trouvère":
Once I was free from pain,
More content than a queen
And my life was joyous,
As I was happy for my son.
My son came into life
Like a rose in bloom.
But alas! The rose is withered,
And my flower is
Already dying!...
Ah! Never on this earth
Was a mother's sorrow
Equal to my sorrow.

[Scene 2]

The sound of a whistle alerts Susanna that the bandit troop is ap­proaching. She lens her sleeping child in a little cradle with great care, then she opens the door. ABRAMIN, the chief, enters first, followed by his companions, the old man TORCOL and the young IZARN. The three sing to the tune of '''Estudiantina."

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