RP6 03v

We are the rich and famous bandits
Of the cavern,
The terror of gentlemen
Possessing the gold of their ancestors.
With wisdom and courage,
We can silently handle
The sword and the lance,
When midnight comes.
(They repeat the two stanzas.)
(At the end, they add:) .
Ah! Here we are!
[1st voice:]
Profiting from the shadowy night,
We valiant friends do fight.
[2nd voice:]
Tomorrow we will rest in the shadows
And sleep away the whole day.
[Both voices:]
Let us put our youth to use
In building up a treasure,
So that in our old age
We'll be able to swim in gold.
(The first two stanzas again.)
throws rich objects at the feet of his wife, mainly children clothes and toys, then he sits down beside her and says:

Well, then! Are you pleased, Susanna? Dismas will be dressed like a prince and you won't have to go to any trouble to amuse him. (Susanna looks at the things with a sad expression.) You don't look satisfied! It's just too much! If I'd known, I wouldn't have come away all these trinkets.


How can you ask me to rejoice, while Dismas is sick? Cure my child and you will see me smile.


I have done what I could: how many times have I taken Dismas to Jerusalem to have him cared for by the most skillful doctors? AH their remedies have been useless; so leave me in peace and don't talk to me of a sickness that causes me as much despair as it does you... (He leaps to his feet and leans over the cradle.) Must I have a leprous son!... Ah! I who based such hopes on him!...

TORCOL, sneering.

There's no reason to upset yourself, don't you have good helpers? Izarn and I both know how to give you a hand without your son's interfering. If you don't recognize the ser­vices we render you in your crimes, it's pure ingratitude.


IZARN, palling his companion on the shoulder.

Comrade, don't be in a bad mood, the chief isn't saying

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