RP6 04v

 Move if you can!....

Torcol cries out and struggles while Izarn takes the bottle from his hand.
SUSANNA hurries to the cradle.
Please, be quiet. You woke up Dismas. (She takes him in her arms.)
IZARN, to Torcol.
Torcol, you're wrong to rebel against the chief. He's a brave fellow who's heaped goods on you. Consider this: it's to him that we owe these rich costumes that might cause us to be taken for descendants of King Solomon; it's also to him that we owe all these bottles that have had us bending our elbows so often. .And you, in a fit of ingratitude, you'd use one of them to avenge yourself against the author of our good fortune.
Keep your sermons to yourself and leave me be. I know perfectly well what I have to do. I agree to forego vengeance, but it's through greatness of soul, not through force.
He goes and sits down with ham in a corner of the cave where they both begin to smoke their pipes.
ABRAMIN, going to Susanna.
You don't know how to get my son to sleep. Give him to me; I'm going to chant a little song for him that will make him dream of glory and braver.
He takes the child and, walking jerkily, he sings:
Immortal glory
Of our ancestors
Be faithful to us
And we'll live like them.
Enflame our hearts. (2x. repeated)
Returning Dismas to his mother, ABRAMIN says:
See. He's asleep already. I recognize in him a brave man worthy of me. How sad that Dismas is a leper!!!... (He strikes his head with his fist.)
Don't think about it anymore; you just now forbade me to talk to you about it.   


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