RP6 06v

Poor woman, how can you attach your soul to all these riches gained unjustly? How is it that you don't find all your joy in forming the heart of this beautiful child whom the good God has entrusted to you? 


Far from being my joy, this child is the cause of my sor­row. It is he who keeps me from enjoying the immense riches that surround me... How speedily he'd give you all I possess if you could save my son's life.

SAINT JOSEPH, going to the child.

What's wrong with your child, then? He's as lovely as an angel and he seems to be sleeping peacefully.


Yes, Dismas is beautiful, but don't you see that the snowy whiteness spread across his brow is leprosy? (She weeps.)

THE BLESSED VIRGIN, gently pulling away the hand that Susanna has raised to her face.

Don't cry, poor mother. The good God is powerful enough to heal [your] son. He will repay the hospitality you've shown us tonight.


I don't know where He lives, this God whom you call good. You who know Him oh!, I beg you, beseech Him to cure my child and I will give you all that you may desire.


I promise you I shall pray for your child, and all I ask in return is a little water with which to wash Jesus. See how His little face is covered with sweat and dust.


I ought to have thought of offering what you ask. (She steps to the back of the cavern and points out a small basin of water carved out of the rock. ) Here is the little bathtub I use for Dismas; it should serve for you to bathe your child. But aren't you afraid He'll get the terrible sickness that my son has?


No, I am not afraid. I know that Jesus has come to earth


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