RP6 07r

 to heal your son by taking upon Himself the boy's weak­ness and infirmity. Right now, He is a fugitive, like a traveler who doesn't even have a rock He can call His own on which to rest His head, because the Jews do not recognize their king!... Later, they will treat Him like a leper and his face will be hid­den from them. (Mary says these words in a prophetic voice. Sorrow and joy are mixed in the gaze she casts on Jesus. Then, looking at Susanna, she adds:) But also your child will be clothed in the charms that my Son will have given up for him. He'll take his place with Him in His eternal kingdom.

SUSANNA, deeply moved.

I can't understand what you're saving. How can your Child bring Dismas to health? Isn't He as weak as mine?... It's true that I see in your face and His a radiance I've never known, but what can you do for me, you poor travelers who've had to seek refuge in a den of thieves?...
Ah! I am beginning to believe that you are mysterious people. Your noble demeanor, your air of grandeur reveal an illustrious origin. Aren't you the descendants of some monarch, since you've just spoken of a kingdom where my son might take his place with Yours?


The kingdom of Jesus is not of this world; if His kingdom were of this world, He would have palaces like those of earthly kings, and valiant warriors would fight for Him. Right now, you can't understand the meaning of what I say, but one day you’ll understand.

Mary, having poured water into the basin, washes Little Jesus.

SAINT JOSEPH, to Susanna.

Consider well what Marv is doing. Imitate her, believing firmly that God can cure your son, and this bountiful God will repay your faith.


Yes. I believe that the true God has sent you to me to con­sole me. for I sense in my soul something I can't define... But. how can a little water bring about my son's good health?  


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