RP6 07v



Had you ever opened the Holy Scriptures, you would have read there that the leper Nahaman was cured when, obeying the prophet Elisha, he washed himself seven times in the wa­ters of the Jordan, even thought that water had not yet been sanctified by the presence of the Word made Flesh.


I don't know what you mean by the Holy Scriptures, but my mother's heart urges me to obey your words. (She dips her child the basin that has just been used for Jesus, then, when she has "alien him out, she gives a joyous cry and says in a voice trembling with emotion:) Ah! My child, my Dismas is healed!... Is this not a dream?... No, it's the truth, his ruby lips are smiling at me... his knee is aglow and full of life... Only a God could have worked his miracle!... (Turning towards Mary.) Ah! Now I believe it, this Child you earn pressed to your heart is God Himself, Who has lowered Himself to me.... I do not understand this mystery. But I believe it because I sense its truth. 

[Scene 5]

The sound of a whistle is heard and the bandits enter their den.

ABRAMIN, in a transport of jury, lifts his sword at the sight of Mary and Joseph.

Who are these audacious people who've had the temerity to break into my domain? They'll pay more dearly than they think. 

SUSANNA throws herself at his feet, holding up Dismas.

Abramin, don't touch our benefactors, they've come to put an end to our sorrow. Look! Dismas is cured of his leprosy.

ABRAMIN, dropping his sword.

What are you saying? Dismas is cured... (He looks closely at the child. ) It's absolutely true, no doubt about it. ( Wiping his tears away roughly with the back of his hand.) I didn't think I had any more tears left but, hard as my heart is, it feels moved by a miracle that confounds all human expectations. Who, then, are these strangers who have the marvelous knowledge of how to make the terrible disease of leprosy disappear so quickly ?


I don't know their names, but I am sure that the Child they carry is the true God, hidden in the appearance of weakness.


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