RP6 08r



A God in the form of a child! Susanna, joy has led you astray... (Turning towards St. Joseph.) Tell me your name, I beg you, and what recompense you’d have for the healing you've just performed.


I am the poor carpenter, Joseph. I'm not. the one who's just restored health to your son; it was the Child whom Man' holds in her arms.


Truly, we're in another world! I don't know, but I feel like I've been moved at the bottom of this thing. (He points to his heart. ) I've been on this ball of a world long enough to be a judge of men, and well, I swear, these strangers are no ordi­nary people.


I've never seen such a thing and, right now, the life we've been leading no longer seems as attractive as it did before.

ABRAMIN, with a commanding gesture.

Sit back down there and.... Be quiet!.... (To St. Joseph.) I beg you to explain, how could your child heal my son?

SUSANNA, enthusiastically.

Listen to how things happened. This woman, who is in­comparably more beautiful and sweeter than any I've ever seen, asked me for water to wash her Child; I gave it to her in Dismas's bathtub, while I told her of my fear that her son might get my son's disease. Instead of sharing my fears, she answered me with mysterious words which I didn't understand, though I felt something extraordinary within myself. As soon as her child was out of the water, I took the advice her husband had given me and plunged Dismas in, hoping he'd be healed. And you see what has happened.... Hens can anyone doubt, then, that little Jesus is God.... What's more, his mother spoke to me of a kingdom where Dismas must take his place with Him.



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