RP7 02v

anything that seemed indiscreet to me. 


 God is more condescending than you are. Perhaps He's going to ask St. Michael to push open the gates of Hell a little, and then we'll hear something. 


  Listen............. I hear singing... our wish is granted. 

  [Scene 2]  

 SAINT MICHAEL is heard, singing to the tune of "Menaces maternelles.
  The veil of faith is lifted  
 In the name of your Well-Beloved.
Children, I come to fulfill the dream
That you have expressed.
  For you I shall open the gate
Of the place of eternal sorrows. 
  Hear the somber clamor
Of Lucifer and his cohorts.
  I am Michael.
I come from Heaven. (2x)
 My dear sisters (2x)
Laugh at Hell enraged
And do not fear its furies,
Since Jesus fights for you. 

   [Scene 3] 

Behind the screen, ice hear some explosions, a heavy chain drag­ging, demons crying out and waving their pitchforks, but the novices see nothing, since they are seated with their backs to the screen. 

  LUCIFER, in a thunderous voice

Shut up, I didn't gather you together for the pleasure *of hearing your cries and the racket of your chains. I have seri­ous things to tell you. 


  Speak, Lucifer, but hurry, I am unhappy here; I'd rather suffer my hell on earth; there, at least, I could soothe my rage by damning souls which Adonai has redeemed.   


  Beelzebub, I am armored at you. You don't do your job well. Why have you let Michael seize from us several of our most faithfulfollowers? Why do you fuss over your personal business, in­stead of plotting to establish my reign over all the earth? 


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