RP7 03r

 BEELZEBUB, in an ironic tone

Non serviam!... you're the one who gave me that motto — can you believe I'll obey you, when I've refused to abase myself before God?... No, never, never!... each is his own master here; that's why the union is so great, why our legions are so well policed, why our worshipers never cease to argue the fine points of our sacred rites....................... You know better than anyone, wily old serpent, that discord is the distinctive mark of your king­dom... Our only point of agreement is the implacable hatred we've sworn against the mortals. It's true that doesn't stop us from calling them our clearest friends, even as we hate them to death. (He laughs mockingly.) Is it my fault if a few, more slip­pery than the others, escape our nets?.. .After all. what we take in is still not bad... Few have a taste for the savings of Christ, especially when He says to His disciples: "If you want to walk with Me, renounce yourself and take up your cross." Ai!... how it hurts me to say those word.
But listen, Lucifer, if you want to spill the rage that de­vours you when you consider the friends who've escaped us, pick on Asmodeus; he's the one who's just failed our cause in the most lamentable way by losing his fiancée, Diana Vaughan.
All, Beelzebub, how you make me suffer when you speak the name of this_________ Must it be that she has escaped me, me who m___________ to keep

[Here again the lines indicate gaps in the surviving manuscript.]

her___________ Hel___________ of___________ Christian su­perstitions. .. must it be that I have___________ thus, my rights ______ rage. I will be avenged!... If _ to discover ______ from her retreat, will she see hard __ never, alas, will I be able___________ new tor­ments for the f Freemasons.


I very much doubt whether ___________ would end  badly, her nature, for me, has never___________ to put our mot­toes into practice. I hate her___________ since the day I grasped her plan to stay __ the virgins ___________ to be proud of this Diana ___________ with a name like that of Joan, Joan enemy whose very name make us shiver!!! 

LUCIFER, in a rage.

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