RP7 03v

You insult me when you mock Asmodeus, don't you know that his fiancée was long my own dear daughter? The vir­gins are not all our enemies; many of them serve me without knowing it. I recommend that you invade their communities, that, above all. is where you ought to direct your weapons of war.I don't ignore the harm one perfect Adonai follower does to me, she brings in her train a great number of souls that ought to be ours. Well, then, direct all your efforts to distracting them with the noise of the world; above all, suggest to them that they absorb themselves in their own affairs; all humans have the weakness of self-love; you will find it even in cloistered commu­nities, and I assure you, my friends, it's my surest weapon for diminishing the love of Adonai in the hearts of all His nuns.... .Ah!... how they make me suffer, when they love their God! ! !.......... In order to prevent even one of these acts of love, I happily send my most powerful legions, for even if I don't succeed in damning the souls which Adonai possesses, at least I am proud of making them lose a little of their glory. (Despairingly.) Ah! As for me, no love, no throne, no glory!! never!!! never! 


If you want us to assault the convents, I'd advise you to form special legions from among the bravest of us. You, Luci­fer, will be at its head; then me, Moloch, Astaroth, Hermes, Ariel, Astarte, Beelzebub, etc., etc.


No, I will not go; you mentioned me last, and that hurts me; besides, as I've told you, I detest the company of virgins... It's not that I fear them individually, but united with their God, they are as terrible as He, and then they have weapons to make me suffer; willingly or not, one must flee conquered by a woman with a few drops of holy water on the tips of her fingers...Ai! how that water burns... or one who holds out her cross (that instrument whose name it hurts me so to pronounce and that pierces me like a lance of fire). How shameful for us, angels of light whose knowledge far exceeds all that humans have learned since the creation of the world!... Go, if you will, on an expedition against the virgins, but I predict you’ll be defeated... Rather than abolishing the reign of Adonai, you'll increase it with martyrs that our enemies will place in tri­umph on their altars   Go, go. As for me, I will not take the shame of a defeat. I'll stay with my friends, the Freemasons.


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