RP7 04r

If you don't take part in our glorious expedition, you’ll have no part in our victory.... I tell you I am the prince of this world; I must reign over even-thing. Christmas declared that the gates of Hell will never prevail against His Church, and al­ready my power holds prisoner Peter's successor; but that is not enough, I need a complete triumph; I will only obtain this tri­umph by destroying the convents.... Forward! Be strong, my friends.... To war... To war!!!....
With whom must we begin our expedition?
Adonai's mother, Lilith, is my most mortal enemy; let's avenge ourselves on her by attacking her favorite order — Carmel, which the maléahks call the most perfect in the Church.
ALL DEMONS, with shouts and howls of laughter.
Bravo ... Bravo ... forward, forward, let's destroy the Church of Adonai.
THE NOVICES, terrified and falling to their knees.
O St. Michael! St. Michael, defend us, chain up the demons who want to destroy the Church and drive us from Carmel
[Scene 4]
Saint Michael appears, hovering in a cloud; at the sight of him the demons scream cries of rage and despair.
Ah! woe to us, woe to us!... What are you doing here, Michael? Stay with your maléahks. Hell is not your kingdom but mine; I'm prince of Hell, as of the world, where you have no rights.
St Michael plunges his lance into the pit, Lucifer screams twice as high. Then THE ARCHANGEL sings what follows, to the tune of the canticle for the Sacred Heart: "Quand l'étranger," etc.
You who call yourself prince of this world,
You who want to make yourself equal to God,
You will remain in a profound night,
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