RP7 05r

how much weightier it is than the virtues of your vir­gins... (In a triumphant tone.) Look... Look!!!....

Lucifer hangs a scale from the end of his pitchfork; on one side of the bal­ance are three white cylinders inscribed "Poverty, Chastity, Obedience"
and on the other side, which outweighs the first, we see three large black cylinders inscribed in letters : "Pride, Independence, Self-will."

SAINT MICHAEL, taking the scales.

I want to prove once more your folly.
Have you forgotten, serpent, infernal monster,
The humility of the Virgin Mary,
Who crushed you beneath her virginal foot?...
This virtue is still shining in the world,
Her humble radiance destroys your royalty.
Roll in the dust, monster of pride.
Get back (2x), beaten by Humility (2x)'.

While saying these words, St. a little cylinder inscribed "Hu­mility" on the balance with the vows and immediately the other side rises.

THE DEMON cries out in despair

I am vanquished... I am vanquished!... Enough, enough, Michael, torment me no more! I am vanquished!....

ALL THE OTHER DEMONS also cry out.

We are vanquished!...

We hear a rumble of thunder. St. Michael goes off and silence returns

[Scene 5]


O my sisters! What a grace the Good God has just granted us!... We must go quickly and tell Our Mother what we have heard, we must tell her that now we know how to conquer the demon and, from now on, we'll have but one desire/ to prac­tice humility... behold our weapons and our shield: with this almighty power we will know, like new Joan of Arc, how to chase the stranger from the kingdom, that is, to prevent proud Satan from entering our monasteries.


Yes, let's go to our Mother right away, but you are go­ing to do the talking,



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