RP7 04v

You will remain in the abyss of fire.
And never believe, in your cruel folly,
That the Saints are going to retreat from you...
Damned serpent, the Church is immortal.
The Church (2x), you will see it triumph!... (2x)


No, the Church will not triumph... and, how could it resist power?... I know that Adonai is stronger - than I am, and that is source of my eternal rage. But look at how little He cares His own glory, how He leaves His friends in humiliation... And too, count His own and you will see that their number is small... So. with my powerful legions, I am going to attack despicable handful of people, and shortly I'll be proven.. Then the evil my faithful servants already worship through the globe will become the sole law of the universe.Then, I'll be the conqueror and you will flee shamefully with your maléahks.


If the evil ones have made evil reign,
There's more than one virginal heart
To console the Adorable Victim
And to form His royal following.
The chosen army surrounding the Lord
Is full of a noble valor.
Tremble, Satan, see your powerlessness.
Back... (2x) Christ is conqueror forever! (2x)


I get a good laugh out of this virginal army of yours... don't you know that I also have some rights over it?... I am the prince of pride; for if the virgins are chaste and poor, what have they over me? I'm a virgin, too, and though I heap riches upon human beings, I despise them for myself as so much smoke... You're going to reply to me: and obedience, do you practice that, too?... Ah, Mikael, I'm as clever as you are... No, I don't obey willingly, but I do submit to God's orders against my will; the virgins may obey, all the while keeping their own will in the bottom of their hearts, they may obey and desire to command; what then makes them more than I?.. I know how to slip pride in everywhere and, if you don't want to believe me, look



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