Pious Recreation n° 8 , 01r





The Blessed Virgin and the Child Jesus — Saint Stanislaus Kostka — Saint Francis Borgia, Duke of Gandia, lord of the court of Charles V, Superior General of the Jesuits — Brother Stephen Augusti, a young novice.

[Scene 1]

 The scene takes place at Rome, in the room of Saint Francis Borgia. He is alone, carefully reading a letter. There is a timid knock at the door.


Come in. (A novice appears.) .Ah, Brother Augusti, I was waiting for you. (The novice kneels respectfully before Saint Francis, who offers him a chair.) Sit down, my child. It's not as a novice I wish to speak with you, but as a confidant, a friend.  

  BROTHER AUGUSTI, still on his knees

  My Reverend Father, your goodness confuses me; how can I treat you as a mere friend, you, the General of the Society of Jesus, you whom Spain and Italy are already calling a saint?Oh! leave me at your feet; I don't want to speak to you except on bended knee ; your humility can't make me forget that, as the Duke of Gandia, you despised the grandeurs of the court of Charles V to come..............   

  SAINT FRANCIS, interrupting in a severe tone.  

  Hush, my brother, and never let such words come from your lips. Had I not understood your simplicity, I would impose a harsh penance on you; but I know that you judge and speak like a child. From now on, treat as nothing what glitters in the eyes of human beings; it is God who must judge us; before Him, the shepherd and the king are equal, true greatness is in virtue [so] and not in noble origins. Know that Francis of Borgia is no saint, but a great sinner, unworthy to be a disciple of the Glori­ous Ignatius. Pray to God, my son, that He deign to have mercy and make me less unworthy of the new mission He has en­trusted to me.            


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