RP8 02v

along with Saint Stanislaus, dressed as a poor pilgrim. 

Our Reverend Father General is not here, though he did tell me to bring you to him.... Have you been waiting in the church a long time, my brother?
No, my brother, no more than five or six hours, I think. .Aid, if you'll permit it, I'll go back there, since Father General's not here.

Better you should wait here, I don't think he'll be long. But, doubtless, you've had nothing to eat since your arrival in Rome; you should have let the porter know you were there. 


 My superior, Fr. Canisius, told me to wait in the church until the Reverend Fr. Francis Borgia sent someone to find me. I would have felt I was failing in obedience if I'd spoken to brother porter. 


  You've done well to be obedient, but I'm going to find the refectorian right away, so he can get you something to eat. 

  He exits without hearing SAINT STANISLAUS, who says to him

  Oh! I beg you, my brother, don't go. I assure you I need nothing. 

  [Scene 3] 

  SAINT FRANCIS BORGIA enters; he acts surprised to see Saint Stanislaus, who has knelt down after the exit of Brother Augusti. Pre­tending to take him for a beggar, he says to him harshly

  How dare you come in here? If You're in need of alms, you must ask the porter, though at Your age you should be ashamed to beg. There's no lack of jobs in the workshops of Rome. 


  Pardon me, Reverend Father, and don't deny me the alms I seek, to take the lowest place in your Holy society. 


  That's not a new line; do you think you’re the first adven­turer I've ever met? (Pointing to the door. ) Get out right now; we don't take novices like you in the Society of Jesus.  


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