RP8 03r

SAINT STANISLAUS, with tears in his eyes.

O my Father! have pity on me, I promise you.................

[Scene 4]

SAINT FRANCIS to Brother Augusti, who has knocked on the door and entered:

I can't get rid of this beggar, take him outside.

BROTHER AUGUSTE quite astonished.

My Reverend Father, this young man is no beggar. He's the novice Fr. Canisius has sent vou.

SAINT FRANCIS, to Saint Stanislaus.

So, by coming into your superior's room in his absence you were trying to get to the novitiate?


My Father, I'm the one who brought him to your room; I left him here to go run an errand. I beg Your Reverence that you do not punish him.


My Reverend Father, I can see that I deserve to be se­verely punished and I implore you not to spare me (putting his hands together), but,- out of pity, little as I deserve it, please let me stay in your house.


Since it's the Reverend Father Canisius who's sent you, I'll admit you to the novitiate. But I warn you that I will be on your case. - The fathers at our house in Vienna have written me that, when you were their student, they rarely saw you study­ing. Rather than pay serious attention to the lessons of your masters, you’d prefer, under a pretext of piety, to read or meditate on pious books. If you hope to continue your extreme devotions, it's pointless to remain at Rome. Here one must work seriously and be content with community prayer.


O my Father, how good you are to be willing to keep me; I promise to obey you in all things, and I will study as much as you wish. It's true that when I was a student with the Jesuits in Vienna,' I wasn't very assiduous in my work and, more, I was lacking in talent. But, by the end of my studies, I'd outdone my fellow students; I could never give myself credit for these small successes, since I'm well aware of my own inferiority.


It's pointless to speak about your success. Tell me, rather, what your reason is for asking to join the Society of Jesus.


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