RP8 04r


nagging at your soul, will keep it humble, and you know it: there is no sacrifice more pleasing to God than that of a contrite and humbled heart.


- my Father, what unspeakable consolation you pour over my soul!... Oh! I beg that you'll now teach me how I may be­come a saint and make up for the time I've lost.


I think the only wav will be for you to despise yourself sin­cerely, to think the best of others, and to prove to them by
every means possible the love that consumes your heart. If you make obedience the rule and the guardian of your charity, you'll be able to do much good in a short time.

There's a knock at the door. Brother Augusti goes to answer and comes back earning a letter which he gives, on bended knee, to Saint Francis, whispering a few words to him.

SAINT FRANCIS, opening the envelope.

Brother Stanislaus, here's a letter from Poland; your father's writing vou. (He hands him the letter.) Read it right now.

Saint Stanislaus reads the letter, then he begins to cry again.


What's upsetting you, my child? Do you regret having joined the Society of Jesus?


Oh no, my Father! I weep at seeing that my parents do not understand the Gift of God. They say I am unworthy of my ancestors and that I have dishonored their family. There is more honor, however, more nobility and glory for our house from my being here as the least among the great servants of God than if I were to become, in the world, more famous than any of my ancestors.


You're right, my son; I hope that one day your parents will approve of your vocation, but as to that, did not Our Lord Jesus say. "I did not come to bring peace, but the sword. Who loves his father and mother more than me is unworthy of me."

SAINT STANISLAUS, raising his eye to Heaven.

Now I can say, with the psalmist: "My father and my mother have abandoned me, but the Lord has cared for me. I have chosen to be among the least in the house of my God, rather than live in the tents of the worldly."  


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