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My dear child, I can see that God Himself brought you here and wants you to stay here. In a few days, I shall give you the sacred habit; prepare yourself for this grace in silence and reflection. Thank the Lord who's granted you the great favor of living in His house. (He puts his hand on Brother Augusti's head.) I give you Brother Augusti as your angel; he'll instruct you in your external duties. I know your souls resemble each other; further, I grant you permission to share your thoughts and the graces the Lord has been pleased to heap upon His children. (He stands up.) I'll leave you; the duties of my post require that I be elsewhere.

BROTHER AUGUSTI, kneeling down next to Saint Stanislaus.  

  My Father, may Your Reverence deign to give us a blessing.


Dear children, may the Most Holy Trinity bless you both, as I myself bless you with all my heart. (He exits.)

[Scene 5]

BROTHER AUGUSTI, sits down and offers a chair to Saint Stanislaus.

My brother, soon I'll take you to your cell, and the master of novices will assign you whatever job he thinks suitable, but if you'd like, we could profit from our Father General's per­mission and get to know each other. First, let me introduce myself: my name is Stephen Augusti, I have neither talents nor virtues, but all of our fathers love me very much, since their charity blinds them to my faults. You'll have to act like them, Brother Stanislaus, and like me, too; only, I hope you'll keep me in mind of my faults, it's such a benefit to have someone who will point it out when you act wrongly.


It's your job, my brother, to intervene in my failings, and I implore you to be faithful in that. I'm convinced that we're made for each other; more, it will be easy for me to love you, since I already do. 


How you please me!... I'm very happy to have you for a brother. But, it occurs to me, you must be a little sad; the memory of your parents must disturb your joy.


No, my brother, my joy can't be disturbed by the memory of any earthly affection; I know my parents are weeping over my departure more bitterly than they would weep for my death, but I have powerful weapons with which to comfort them: prayer and sacrifice. I'm              


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