RP8 05v



My brother, you speak like an angel; I would not stop lis­tening to vou.


I'm glad to be in your company, too, but I reproach myself for dominating the conversation; I could learn so many things, if you'd be willing to teach me... Still, I believe it would be best for us to part; our conversation has gone on long enough. If it's all right with you, I'm going to stay by myself a few moments to thank Mary, the Queen of Heaven, for the favor of being accepted into the holy Society of her Divine Son.


You love Man very much, then? Oh! I beg you, speak to me about her.

SAINT STANISLAUS, in an unspeakably tender tone.

The Holy Virgin!.... Ah! what can I tell you?... She is my Mother!!!..

He kneels down and seems profoundly collected. — Brother Augusti looks at him with respect and exits silently.

[Scene 6]

SAINT STANISLAUS, joining his hands and looking up to Heaven.

O Mary, my sweet and tender Mother, have pity on your poor child; sustained by divine grace, he has overcome the ob­stacles the world put in his way. Since he's given up everything for love of your Divine Son Jesus, don't leave him long in the land of exile.

O My Holy Guardian Angel! and you, Saint Barbara, my dear patron, ask of my well-loved Mother, the Queen of Heaven, that she will come to seek me and bring me into the virginal assembly of her court.

[Scene 7]

We hear celestial voices singing to the tune of "L'Ange et l'âme" ["The Angel and the Send"].


Queen of Heaven, hear my prayer.
I am Stanislaus's guardian angel.
This sweet child would like, far from earth,
Soon to follow Jesus, the Divine Lamb.


And I am that well-beloved saint
Of the humble Flower who languishes here.
I would see his crown of flowers
Shine in Heaven.


Ah! descend to this foreign shore,
Close to the Child who ravishes the elect.




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