RP8 06r

Virgin Mary, aren't you the Mother
Of Stanislaus, Jesus' brother?....

[Scene 8]

THE BLESSED VIRGIN enters carrying the Baby Jesus.

She sings to the tune "Le Soir" ["The Evening"]. 

Yes, my child, I am your Mother....
And for you I've come down from Heaven.
I am earning Emmanuel,
My Sweet Jesus, your little Brother.

She places the Divine Child in the arms of Saint Stanislaus, who receives Him, overwhelmed with joy.


O Jesus! my only Love, can it be true that you have deigned to rest on my heart?... O Mary ! support my weakness, cover me in your merits that I might be less unworthy to earn" your Treasure in my arms ....

THE BLESSED VIRGIN covers Saint Stanislaus with her veil and sings:
With this Treasure of the elect.
I want to hide you under my veil.
You shall shine like a star
In the Society of Jesus.


O my Mother!... I hoped you would take me to Heaven, and now you say that I must shine in the Society of Jesus..............


Stanislaus, virginal Flower, 
 Your fragrance delights the angels.
Soon their celestial legions
Will gather you in for the Lord.


Oh! how happy I am... soon I will contemplate Jesus, not under the appearance of a weak little child, but in all the brilliance of His glory.... My Well-Beloved Mother, soon I shall see you on your immortal throne!.... (After a pause, ) I regret nothing on earth, still I have one desire... a desire so great that I'm not sure I could be happy in Heaven if it were not fulfilled.... Ah! my dear Mother, tell me that the blessed can still work for the salvation of souls.... If I can't work for the glory of Jesus when I'm in Heaven, I'd prefer to stay in exile, still fighting for Him!....


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