Saint Alexis

Storeroom for bread and weighing during Lent. It is located at the exit of the refectory, under the stairs going up to the cells. The door of Saint Alexis is open in the photo. On the extreme right, the door opening on the courtyard cloister. The place is famous for its gigantic spiders: in the Yellow notebook on July 13th, 1897, Thérèse spoke to Mother Agnès about the violence she did to herself while removing spider webs in the black hole of St Alexis under the staircase. 


A more recent view taken from the other side by the door opening onto the courtyard. The door of St Alexis is closed.


Behind Marie Guérin climbing the little stairs up from the cellars, we can see the entrance of St Alexis. On the right, a window of the refectory. Farther on the right but not visible, is a door leading to the garden.



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