From Sr Costard to Céline - March 27, 1890. Fragment.

From Sister Costard to Céline - 27th March 1890 (Extract).

I received your letter yesterday evening, too late to reply to it. Your excellent father is about the same as when you saw him, but his limbs cannot support him. Mister Martin never leaves his bed. If you are living in an isolated spot, I would advise you to take him, for he is not difficult to handle and it would be comforting for him to be among you again. The reason I am giving you this advice is because your good father doesn’t even try to get up. His limbs must have been really affected by the paralysis for him to be acting this way.

We join you in your novena and, every day, I draw a little cross on our dear invalid’s forehead with the Holy Face oil.

He received the letters from his Carmelites, and, when reading them, he cried very much. It really is touching to see this revered old man’s affection for his family.

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