From Sr Costard to Mother Marie de Gonzague - July 17, 1889. Fragment.

From Sister Costard to Mother Marie de Gonzague - 17th July 1889 (Extracts).

Our revered patriarch is a little calmer these days. I gave him the little packet from his dear Carmelites and he seemed very pleased. We spoke for quite a long time about all his beloved daughters and, upon learning that Miss Léonie and Céline were away (They were on holiday in La Musse with the Guérin family from 6th to 20th July) he declared: “Good for them! Tell them to stay as long as their good uncle deems necessary. I don’t want them to come back on my account. I’m fine! perfectly fine here! When I have completed my mission, I will join them; but it won’t be that soon because I’ve a lot to do to convert all your people! Some of them are so obdurate!”

This venerable old man preaches nothing but the great glory of God! He really is admirable. Not only does he never complain, but he also finds all we give him excellent. At his children’s request I had some strawberries and raspberries bought for him, and he enjoyed them, but it is difficult to find them now. I do not know what to offer him at present, because I cannot get him to tell me what his tastes are; and, yet, when we give him something in particular, he cannot thank us enough (“He did not want to keep them to himself so he shared them with his neighbours at table, to the despair and edification of good Mother Costard.” (Note by Sister Geneviève in the margin, see CMG IV, p. 203))

Reverend Mother, kindly assure Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart and her dear Sisters of all my dedication for their ever so good Father, and tell them that I will always do everything in my power to replace them at his side. All I ask for in return is a thought for my family, at the foot of our common Master.

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