From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - January 1, 1907

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters - January 1st 1907

I’m striving to imitate you, little sisters, but alas, the poor insignificant creature that I am isn’t managing. And yet “noblesse oblige”, I come from a family of saints, and I mustn’t blot the copybook.

I read and meditated our little Mother’s poem. It’s so beautiful! May it remove the bad impression that the deceitful poem you mentioned must have made in souls. It’s so sad to see that people will use any means possible to offend God. Evil-doers can’t think of enough ways to corrupt souls, but we strive to save them and as we have God on our side, we are sure to succeed.

Much-loved little sisters, you said you will send me two bags of candied chestnuts that were given to you. And what will be left for you? Oh, I’d much rather you kept them all. You are deprived of so many things due to your austere life, whereas I lack nothing. So I’m quite capable of weeping over each chestnut, which would result, I’m afraid, in me drowning them in tears. All the same, thank you little sisters! Such kindness makes my heart melt.

Through obedience, I am now in the refectory. The bread and wine will remind me of Jesus in the Eucharist who comes every morning to take possession of my feeble heart. May he replace it with His own! Daily Communion is such a great grace!

Leaving the Bursary, I lose the dear little statue of the Child Jesus that I took such pleasure in looking after. I have permission to send you a photograph of him. He’s wearing his pink attire; a royal cloak with a train in pink taffeta trimmed with pretty white lace. He also has three rings. I like to put a flower in his little hand. One feast day, I gave him his little “Céline in the form of a graceful little white flower nicknamed “the Céline flower”.

The other day I dreamt I was holding him in my arms. I was placing him on the Bursar’s table to dress him in his lovely feast day attire. He was looking at me with a sublime smile on his face when suddenly the clock chimed calling me to Office. I said to him, “I’m leaving you now, my Beloved, but only to see you again in the Choir.” Just then I awoke, still savouring the delightful dream.