From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - May 2, 1920

From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - May 2, 1920

2nd May 1920

Dearest little Sisters,

Each moment brings us closer to the blessed resting place, where there’ll be no further need to write to each other because we’ll be together in the paternal home, in heaven. In the meantime, our monthly conversations help me bear exile, for they’re so kind and so full of the spirit of God.

Is your building work progressing? How I’d like you to be rid of this considerable worry, but everything takes time; it’s the condition of this miserable life. When one thing ends another begins, and often all at once. Our only stability is in God! And it’s so lovely to find rest in Him!

Our dear Blessed Margaret Mary (Alacoque) has been canonised, with a fifty-six year wait between the beatification and canonisation. What a long time! We must hope that everything will go quicker for our Thérèse, otherwise the end of the world will catch us by surprise.

God is clearly showing us His will with regard to the little nest in England. We made very costly and crucifying sacrifices for it, uniquely for His glory. For the moment at least, He doesn’t want a foundation in England. Our Sisters are coming back to us in little groups. The most robust are staying on for the house move, so it will be several months before we are all reunited in the fold of Caen. – We certainly know how to float above earthly events now, whatever they may be! This is why it is an advantage to grow old. I’m right in saying so, am I not little sisters?

Very happy birthday, little Céline. I took Communion for you on 28th April.

I often need to repeat the words that our Lord said to our dear saint Margaret Mary: “I shall increase your aversion.” It helps me bear the weary journey.

Yes, dear Eldest Sister, I was expecting news from my beloved Carmel, but through the intermediary of Mrs Lecourt, who will give you this letter. This is because, thanks to God, I have become more reasonable and am able and willing to wait. – I send you my love and affection, which will continue to grow until we are reunited for eternity.