From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - August 14, 1921

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters - August 14th, 1921

14th August 1921

            Day of great joy in heaven and on earth…

Darling little Sisters

I am full of emotion, my weak heart cannot bear it, and so it would be impossible for me to see the Beatification celebrations from here below. That is why I hope to see them from up above, which would be much better. – I said to our beloved Mother, “I would like to be in a desert. I thirst to hide myself, efface myself and go unnoticed, even be forgotten and counted for nothing.” “Well, my child, it will have to wait. Today is a day of honours!!!!” I have been lavished with kind affection, and in the refectory I was seated at the Superior’s table, which was completely covered with rose petals, as were our plates. Above my head hung the portrait of our Venerable sister, delightfully and artistically decorated with flowers and greenery. Her picture is also in the community room, on the mantel piece, which is also covered with petals. What’s more, under the medallion is the precious casket containing the relics from the 1stexhumation. Our Angelic Venerable Sister is represented in every oratory in the Monastery, either by a fragrant rose (which symbolises her so well) or by her gracious picture. At the moment we are reading her admirable life story in the refectory. And it was such a surprise, and such sweet joy, for each of us to find, beside our plates, the new little brochure about her Little Way (“Untutored we drink of that nectar of love”) and the two lovely desserts. What must the baker have said and thought? “It’s true, the nuns and Carmelites are treating themselves. It’s quite unusual.” Yes, it certainly is so, particularly for us who are so united in love for one another. But those out in the world don’t understand this, it’s beyond their reach. That’s why we agreed between ourselves that we wouldn’t shock them by giving each other cakes. Did you, dearest Sisters, have a feast as well? Did Jeanne lavish you with treats? If not, I would be very heavy hearted because we should be exactly the same. Ah, if I was still out in the world, what a fuss I would have made of you! Your little Lay Sisters, who are in ecstasy all day long except at mealtimes, will have enjoyed themselves with our Beloved in the company of our dear Venerable Sister, who is in turn the joy of His Sacred Heart. I hurt you, beloved eldest sister. I can tell from your little note, but what can I say? Unless there’s a miracle, I can’t help but worry. I resign myself to dying in my old skin.

We received two obituary circulars of dear Father Pichon, which I’m relishing reading. Thank you for giving them to us. Accept, my matchless and exquisite little Sisters and Mamma, all my thanks for the kindness you have shown to your unworthy little sister. She is as worthless as you are loving and affectionate. But of course, darling Céline, I told you how much joy your silver anniversary gift was bringing us at recreations, allowing us to have a very pleasant walk without tiring ourselves and without leaving the enclosure.

I would very much like to see a sample of Father Marie Bernard’s medallions of Thérèse as a 1stCommunicant and as a nun. We received everything; the telegram, etc. etc. I’m avid to know everything . . . .

I send you a big kiss and I love you to distraction in Jesus, our Everything.

Sr F.Th.


This little flower is a thing for holding samples of no value.