From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - May 3, 1923

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters - May 3rd, 1923

3rd May 1923

Beloved little sisters,

My heart can’t take it anymore; I long to write to you. I feel I’ve been more spiritual since our little sister’s Beatification. It would be most unfortunate if it was otherwise. In any case, I feel that our Blessed darling is doing her work in my soul, so that soon she can carry it to the heavens.

She was given a lovely celebration here at the Visitation. We are sending you a picture of our little Queen’s throne and her “little Great King” with all the Community. We took the photograph especially for you. It gives you a very vague idea of reality. It was delightful. Later on I’ll send you a picture of her lovely temporary altar in our chapel. Candles constantly burn before her sweet picture, which could and still can be seen in all the oratories in the monastery. The Chapel was packed with people that evening for the Father Superior’s solemn Benediction. In his address, he made a lovely comparison between the Most Holy Virgin Mary and the amiable Virgin of the Carmel, saying that both have had a major impact on the whole world. I was shown a lot of attention, honour and affection; or rather it was our darling saint they were celebrating through my very poor and puny person. Still, who am I to complain if our dear Mother and Sisters are willing to make do with me . . .?  

Give a very warm thank you to our friend of the Carmel (Rev. Father Fajella) for his exquisite kindness in thinking of the little visitandine. I would have liked him to have had the gift of bilocation, especially on the 29th when I was shown immense honour and affection. Of course, he would no longer say I was “poveretta” but rather “richeretta”. Now that’s the kind of Italian I like!

To conclude the glorious day of the 29th, our Blessed Sister came to teach us her Little Way. We were all struck by how identical it is to the doctrine of our great and holy Doctor St Francis de Sales.

I recently said to one of our Sisters, “Ah, now I understand why she wrote to me saying that God is good to have chosen the Carmel and Visitation for our family. As a result, the latter considers our saint as being its own, so much do the two blessed Orders resemble each other . . . .” A good number of our monasteries write extremely touching letters about her because people everywhere love her.