From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - December 27, 1923

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters - December 27th, 1923

27th December 1923 

Dearly beloved little sisters,

Our Blessed sister will bring you my wishes for a happy and very holy new year on 2ndJanuary, the day that, if she was still in this place of exile, she would be 51 years old!

Is there anything better or more infinitely desirable that I can wish you than the Supreme Treasure, whose glory we shall soon share? I increasingly thirst to possess Him forever and I constantly beg Him to remove every imperfect alloy from me in my vehement desire to fall into my heavenly Father’s arms very soon, for I am the Little Victim of His Merciful Love. Being afraid of Him would be far too insulting!

I would so love (if it is also God’s pleasure) for the dream I have nurtured for so many years to be fulfilled: to die with our revered Mother still in charge, and for her to be the one who blesses me and closes my eyes. I am sad to see that her six years will already be over next Ascension! It would cost me dearly to have another Superior. Jesus knows this, and I place all my trust and faith in Him.

We very much liked Father Bernard’s report on our Triduum. What about you, little sisters, do you like it? As for the booklet by Mr [illegible], he would have done better to remain quiet! I like to think that if his useless and tactless work had been censured by Fr Duboscq, it would never have seen the light of day. God allows all these heart-breaking trials to assail us in order to detach us from everything outside of Him. After all, neither His glory nor that of His saints is in any way compromised by it. So it is only human judgment which bothers us, which, my God, is of no consequence at all! I could say the same thing for the portraits, statues, etc. Very often, God allows these counterfeits to be made in order to reestablish all things in truth.

We were looking forward to receiving all these lovely calendars. Thank you so much. And thank you especially for your dear letters. How I do love you!