From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - December 26, 1924

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters - December 26th, 1924

26th December 1924

Beloved little sisters,

Your letters brought me such sweet and holy joy. I’m increasingly aware of just how much God spoilt me when He gave me such matchless sisters. They are so good at easing my suffering in this exile, which often weighs heavily upon me and I find very bitter. I don’t know whether Jesus will soon put an end to it by coming to steal me away. For now, He is hiding. I don’t know whether I love Him and I’m suffering greatly, but this is good, because it pleases Him. It’s too bad that the little child finds there is nothing in it for her. I desire nothing and want nothing but love, and then to finally die of love. That is the only wish in my heart for all those I love, and you know, darling little sisters, that you are the first in that number. I find all other wishes banal, so I’m being mindful not to send you any for 1925, the year in which our Thérèse will be canonised. What immense glory this will bring to God. This is what is most wonderful about it, because our Blessed Star’s sublime mission is not only to enlighten, but also, and more importantly, to warm all the frozen hearts that should love only the Love that was incarnated for them. It’s still true to say, “Love is not known, Love is not loved!”

What a magnificent gift you have given the Community, darling little Mamma, in this beautiful statue of Thérèse for the garden and in being willing to pay for its installation. When our dear Mother announced the great news to the Sisters, there was an eruption of joy. We wish it was installed already. Powerless as we are to settle the ever increasing debts we owe to our beloved Carmel, our sole option is to appeal to our rich Sovereign as always, and He will pay you back more than a hundredfold, for is there a single religious family in the world as favoured as yours? Our purest and truest joys regarding our Blessed Sister only naturally stem from yours, because our little Visitation of Caen and the Carmel of Lisieux form but one. What a divine foretaste of heaven!