From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - November 25, 1925

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters - November 25th 1925

25th November 1925

Darling little sisters,

Goodbye until Christmas! It was with renewed pleasure that we received our traditional gifts, by which I mean the pretty calendars. The dear Carmel has been so generous as ever, allowing our dearest Mother to make many people happy. For instance, the calendar with the lovely medallion portrait is going to be offered to our chaplain as a New Year’s gift.

Alas! Yes, little Mamma, I have difficulty writing, because my hand trembles a little, but nothing until death will stop me from writing to you, even when I need a charitable hand to guide mine, because this sweet duty is very dear to me. It would be a very great sacrifice for all of us.

I am thrilled with Mgr Laveille’s book. It’s very interesting and I’m learning things I didn’t know at all. I’m touched to see how tactfully he speaks of the “unruly little devil” because I had an odious childhood, intent on spoiling our lovely holy family. How merciful God has been to me! My heart should melt in gratitude and love towards Him for having placed my crib in such an oasis of holiness and peace.

I will tell you, darling eldest sister, that I couldn’t see Mrs Guérard well enough to tell if she had aged very much, because the visiting room was quite dark. I found her as amicable as ever. She loves you very much. In short she’s a true friend and I was happy to see her again. Her daughter Madeleine is 48 years old. She has remained very good and simple.

What a project! Darling Céline, this is going to be yet more bother, because the building of this Way of the Cross won’t be without trials and tribulations. But since the glory of God and the redemption of souls are at stake, there is no hesitation to be had. We shall pray hard for a perfect and prompt success. This half-heartedness you mentioned has the two-fold advantage of keeping you humble and keeping God from being offended. Thank you for your spiritual bouquet.

I send you love and kisses, little sisters, and lots of affection as you know!