From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - February 3, 1929

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters - February 3rd 1929

V + J! From our monastery in Caen this 3rd February 1929

Beloved little sisters,

I’m so looking forward to Mrs Lecourt coming and giving you this thank you letter, because there are always new blessings with you, and you’ll use any pretext to indulge me, for example it’s my feast day, or my feet have healed. They are much better but still painful. They’re real barometers and I expect I’ll take them to the grave, but no matter! At least I can go about our little duties.

To this, I mean my little troubles, I would like to be able to add those of my dear eldest sister, but that would constitute theft. God would lose much, as would my dear little sister, whom He has chosen as His fragrant victim.

With the two hundred francs and the fifty francs that Dom Mayeul sent, we bought some lovely treats as you can imagine, enabling us to have a fitting celebration for our little Mamma and our Holy Founder. – Thank you also for the beautiful pictures, your dear letters and especially your Communions. They are real treasures, and I thank dear little Sister Marie of the Trinity for her contribution. It would be very kind if, when she has an opportunity, this dear shopkeeper of yours could send us some propaganda pictures, particularly postcards, bearing the true portrait of our saint in black and in colour. Our beloved Mother wanted to buy some, and I dissuaded her by saying that we would be very upset if she did so, because our reputation for simplicity would be lost. I’m right, am I not? But I say again, it’s propaganda we need and not costly pictures or cards. Otherwise it would be indiscreet and we would be embarrassed. Many, many thanks.

We had the Bishop with us all day on the 29th. He came into the monastery followed by 22 priests. It’s fortunate that our Assembly room is large. His Excellency told me that his 1stLenten Pastoral address would be on our Saint. “Oh, Your Excellency,” I said, “it’s too great an honour.” “No, no,” he replied kindly, “nothing is too great an honour for her. She deserves it; it’s the least I owe her.” You can tell she is his favourite saint; it’s touching. The song for your feast day is ever so lovely, darling Mamma. The comparisons between Jerusalem and Lisieux are striking. The thought had already occurred to me in my meditations.

What a charming little rosary; it reminds me very much of our saint, and I love the pretty sweet box. In short, you indulge me in every way. It’s enough to make me weep, but the tears are not bitter. As for the rubber, what good timing: I wanted one.

At Easter, our little pens will resume their scratching. Pray that I have a holy Lent. I cannot fast very often but opportunities for mortification and self-denial abound. This is our daily martyrdom. I want to be faithful to please Jesus, and prove to Him that I love Him.

Your little sister who loves you ever so dearly

Sr Françoise-Thérèse. B.B.G.

Little Céline’s 60th birthday won’t go unnoticed in my loving heart.

Thank Jeanne for her feast day wishes when you see her. The Life of Bl. Father Eymard brought us great pleasure; what a lovely gift! Thank you infinitely for indulging us like this. Our hearts melt in gratitude.

This pretty little wheelbarrow drawn by doves is most delightful!

Happy birthday on the 22nd, darling eldest sister. I shall take Communion for you.