From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - October 20, 1930

rom Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters - October 20th 1930

V+J! From our monastery in Caen this 20th October 1930


Beloved little sisters,

I have come from my retreat this evening feeling reassured and resolved to refuse my Beloved nothing. In His mercy, He enlightened me on many things. Such heart-to-hearts with God are true graces. For ten days, we really are favoured by the Lord, because even priests, His sacred ministers in charge of souls, only have three full days of recollection each year whereas we. . . .

We certainly have the best deal, and receive a hundredfold even here below. I’m talking about all those who have answered His divine call, because it was not we whose chose our adored Spouse; instead it was He who chose us, so that we could produce plenty of lasting fruit.

Our new chaplain is very good. He’s a holy priest and suits us perfectly, and has a deep love for our little Saint Thérèse. He encourages me to launch myself full sail into following her “little way”, and that delights me. Just look how all my wishes have come true. What more could I want?

Your letters for the 30th brought me great pleasure. I was expecting them and would have been very disappointed if my beloved Trio hadn’t reassured me of their sisterly love on such an important day. Apparently you were deprived of your dear Bishop’s presence on account of his health. I was very sorry to hear that. Such are the celebrations of exile; there’s always a shadow hanging over them. It makes us so nostalgic for heaven, don’t you think?

The foreign Bishops are indeed very kind. I always enjoy their visits, but fortunately they are rare. I like remaining hidden.

Yes, darling eldest sister, all your rose bushes are in the flowerbed around our little Thérèse. The hyacinth bulbs will also go there, with all the other flowers you give us, in accordance with our beloved Mother’s wishes. As always, dear Father Martin was kind enough to send me a dedicated copy of his book, but we are very pleased to have two more, thank you!!!

Tell me, I beg of you, who will be Sub-Prioress and Councillor. Send a message via Mrs Lecourt, who is coming on Thursday, when you send back my resolutions.

I send you all my love

Sr Françoise-Thérèse


Leaf enclosed with the letter dated 20th October 1930

V+J! Retreat Resolution 17th October 1930

“The splendour of the daughters of the Visitation is to be without splendour, and their glory lies in abjection,” said our Holy Founder!

How this delights me! It corresponds so well to all my desires and my ideal of perfection.

Humility is my only hope of salvation. I love it above all other virtues. I thirst for self-effacement. I wish, like my Thérèse, to fall in love with being forgotten. With this in view, I take the resolutions to; 1stly, never make excuses even if I’m falsely accused; 2ndly, respond to the first ring of the bell meticulously and promptly, thinking, and rightly so, that it’s Jesus who is calling me; 3rdly be very assiduous in my work so as to imitate the working life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Nazareth. I no longer wish to seek little pleasures here and there because they distract me from my duty and cause me to disobey my vow of poverty and concern myself with things that don’t regard me.

In this respect, it represents another excellent opportunity to practice humility and self-denial.

Lastly, I will never grow discouraged by my faults because little children often fall, but they never do themselves any great harm; they’re too little for that. It was my holy little sister who said this and she was fortunate enough to experience it.