From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Marie de Gonzague – April 23, 1899

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Marie de Gonzague April 23rd 1899 

Reverend Mother,

How I thank you for the charming little Carmelite cell you sent me. You wouldn’t believe how much pleasure it brings me to receive something from the Carmel.

I have no news since the detailed letter I wrote to my sisters. You can see, Mother, that I’m very, very far from being unhappy in my little Visitandine nest, and the poor dove will not leave it until it flies away towards the heavenly Homeland. I think about Thérèse constantly. At every moment I call her to me, not wanting to be without her for a single minute. Now I have three guardian angels: the pure Spirit that God gave me to guide me, my little Thérèse and my saintly Visitandine aunt. They are my invisible Angels and, in addition, I have two visible angels: my beloved Mothers.

Our dear Mistress has told me many times that I was born for the Visitation. When, in the world, people kept telling me I didn’t have a religious vocation, it broke my heart and one day, shortly before I joined, I said to my sisters, “I’ll only believe I’m not called to the Visitation after having made another attempt under the direction of the Mothers of Boulogne.

I beg you, kind Mother, kindly tell my little Céline that I won’t forget her thirtieth birthday on Friday. I would have liked to write to her on the day, but it’s impossible because we’ll be doing the big laundry.

Before I leave you, dearest Mother, I humbly ask you to allow my sisters to take it in turns to write to me every fortnight until my profession, as their letters do me so much good. I’m so sure my request will be granted that I say a very big thank you in advance.