From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to sr Genevieve (Celine) - August 3, 1899

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Sr Genevieve (Celine) - August 3rd 1899

V+J! [Live Jesus]

From our Monastery in Caen on 3rd August 1899


Much-loved little Sister,

It’s such a pleasure on this your feast day to once again tell you how much affection I have for you in my heart. Dearest sister, I can’t and wouldn’t want to wish for you to be constantly at Tabor. No, that is reserved only for the Brides of Christ crucified once they reach heaven and see the eternal transfiguration. In the meantime, we must suffer and above all suffer well; that’s what’s important. Our home, oh darling sister, is Calvary! There alone is where we must spend exile. If you like, we’ll take a challenge together. You, on the cross, will contemplate the blessed and disfigured Face of our sweet Saviour, to comfort Him, while I’ll contemplate the wound in His side. From there I’ll see all the way to His Heart. What a lot of graces of conversion the two of us will obtain! Let’s never leave these posts of love. You know as well as I that the Holy Face and the Sacred Heart are two inseparable devotions.

Beloved little sister, I savoured the words you wrote to me for my investiture, when you said that love was only veiled and would reappear in all its glory on the fine day of the thirtieth of June. These words, I assure you, went straight to my heart, touching it deeply. In them, I recognised my darling Céline of old and my soul was flooded with memories that were sweet and painful all at once. It’s incredible how special an affection I feel for you, my darling; it’s indefinable.

For months now I’ve had a theft on my conscience; I took from you a prayer entitled, “Jesus in the Tabernacle: Et verbum carat factum est” by the V. Curate of Ars. Having found this prayer in one of the books you lent me, I liked it so much that I intentionally took possession of it. I fully intended to own up to this fault, but I kept forgetting. Anyway, in conclusion, I’m very sure that I’ll not only be forgiven, but that you’ll heartily beg of me to keep it and perhaps laugh at my scruple. So now that I’ve made my confession, I’m perfectly at peace, although I was never not at peace on this point.

I would very much like, dear little sisters, to receive “Briochette la pâtissière” [song] etc. as soon as possible and the other things I requested from you for our dear Mother’s feast day; time is running out. There’s only a fortnight left, which is not long to prepare and, above all, learn everything.

Once again I convey all my affection to you, darling sisters. Let’s forever remain united in the Heart of our Beloved. He is more than a Fiancé to me; for a long time I have considered Him as my Spouse on account of my vow of chastity.

A big kiss and all my best wishes to my darling little Geneviève.

Sr Françoise-Thérèse Martin

of the Visitation of Holy Mary

B.B.G.! [Blessed be God]